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                              Classic Reflections

The Queen Mary Hotel (!) and berthmate late on a hazy afternoon.

   Snapshot - Olympus E-300 caught this while I was being herded up a ramp to board a bus, as my commuter ferry could not dock due to river silting.



LONG BEACH HARBOR has experienced a rebirth in the last few years.  The area anchored by the Civic Center thirty years ago, augmented by the Convention Center, attracted the Grand Prix and this in turn spawned a complete redevelopment. The tourist trade has been a great boon to the economy, struck a blow by the withdrawal of the US Navy, long present in these waters. I went to the new docks with a Kiev 88 and shot a roll. 



                                  Tall Reflections

A number of Tall Ships were moored in the harbor the first week of January, 2007. 









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        Southern California:     Point Fermin    

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                                                   Snow on the Rockies 





        Impressions of the Air Force Museum    





        Photos taken with P6 mount medium format lenses on various cameras. 



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